Read Your Bible Devotional
Read Your Bible Devotional

Episode 69 · 1 year ago



Read Your Bible Devotional with Pastor Brad Reynolds.

Hello and welcome to Regeur Bibledivosional with Pastor Brad Reynolds. We are reading through the Bible in ayear. This daily devotional will help keep your heart ind, mind and God'sWord: Use Your phone to download and listen to Pasteur, Brad Reynolds Audiocodtast. You can find an RSS feedlink on our website. WWW dot, dewberrybaptist Hark spridge docom. Just I just felt the hand of God touched. DDYOU see it. Youver heard someone say that Handof God touch the Cranic. inness often wonders did it edid, it really didn't see his ANIJUCIhis aud. Can you evidence he touched you...

...if God exists? Why, as he not evidence his existence even more, why does God not have an evidentialappearing to every generation, something that you cand? Think? Ohthere's God? Yes, he exists. I see why does God not just appear and speak in the clouds to Evr furter for those of us who do believe in hisexistence? Why does he not reveal more of thefuture to us? What is he a not plain things that arehappening to us if we knew what was coming and why- andit would be a lot easier for us to deal with...

WHO wouldn't want that for theirchildren? Why is God silent? Why is God'spresence and Unseen Seyes? Some of you listening was a goddid up here. He appeared to man when Jesus came toEarth, but again, that too is a matter of faith. Wow there is an empty tune. Whil thereare fulfilled prophecies, while miracles a task to his deity. They do not empirically evidence thathe has gone, and thus it is a matter of, as is our belief that God works goodthings through bad,... is our trust in God. For the futurewe do not see. Therein is the secret. It is fine fate, just as I want my children to trust mewhen they don't see or understand so too. Our heavenly pot wants us to trusthim. We don't see or understand if you and I knew the future, then we would not need, nor would wepossess they, which, by the way, the very essence of our ssavlation God explains to his children in the OldTestament. Ut Salvation does not involve unrealistic tasks that onlysome people could perform.

No God explains Salvation is Mer. Salvation is as near is your heart. It is as near as Lake I reading for the days did run metwenty nine through thirty one, where there would be a contenent made for thenew generation andthey were instructed to chews life or death and Joshua wasappointed as the new leader, but I'm going to read from nuetaronomytwenty nine and thirty. We read versus fourteen andFifteen Duderomin chapter twenty nine, as well as verse, Twenty Nine DueTorouanry twenty nine and then I'm going to read duderonme third versusDan through fourteen follow along or listen as I read,...

I am making this convenant with its toe,not only with you who are standing with us today in the presence of the Lord,our God, but all so with those who are not here today. Those in the future first, why not? The secret thingsbelong to the Lord, our God, but tha things reveal belong to us and to our children forever. We maybottle all the words of the law. Now Chapter Thirty Firstn, a Foll, if you obey the Lord, your God, andkeep his commands and decrees they're written in this book of the law andturn to the Lord, your God, with all your heart with all Yoursol. Now what I'm commanding you today isnot too difficult for you. It's not beyond your reach,...'s not up in heaven, so that you haveto ask who will ascend in to having to get it and proclaim it to us that wemay obey it. Nor is it beyond the sea so that you have to ask who will crossthe sea to get it and proclaiming to us o we may wil Beit. No, the word is very near to it is in your mouth. It is in your heart so that you may Olat. There is perhaps no clearer text in theold testment regarding God's rejection of work. Salvation then, due around mechapter, thirty persus Tan Throug, fourteen God makes it clear, as the ifrallifeswere gathered, to hear from Gon that what he would have val to them. ThisDay was not just for them, but for those who were not even there-...

...and this message is therefore a messageto all then gone reveals that he will notreveal all things to Mangom, rather he's not going to reveal all thesecrets in all the future. Rather, he reveals that which is necessary for manto have fellowship with God. So what is necessary chapter? Third, God did not make salvation a set ofworks which some men might be able to accomplish, and some one need not climb Mt Averust to no God climb up to the heavers. Not all of us could do that so good, not all, but you don't have toclimb Ou Evers to get to do further.

One need not sail the oceans to the endof the world, because not all of us could do one need not set oneself about doingthings to be said. God hasn't Made Salvation Some DistantChore. Then some could achieve an somenot he's, brought it near God, gaine o us, even if a massive amount of good works,coul save us and it can't. We know that God doesn't require. Such God knew. The only way for us to besafe was for him to become a man and take our pendalti and inso doing God came near to us,making salvation available to ever on.

God brought his word Toma through Jesus, so that his were jees could be in our heart salvation. He is near, he is here, don't ever forget or take for granted.God's presence in the whole of Lor. Yes, salvation is byFath. Yes, it is something which cannot beemperically evident beyond rebroach, because it is fand. Yet it is real.

God really is the unseen see he's there he's real adyou know it is the God's size boy crying out an every person who was everwith for something to feelyou may not always see. But if you look close you'll certainly see you shall the unseen see what a great God, what a great salvage lifwonl encourage. You trust in that Godand his word today.Even when you can't see Loy, our raiting for tomorrow is DudeTorounay. Thirty, two through thirty four we're going to finish the book ofTiteronmy, then start the book of...

Joshua as we make our way through theBot T. let's close in the prayer today, father, we think for what you're teaching us about faitheven through the pages of the old test, or we know you're real. You e feel that God's size, Boyd Iss,you are near. You are here yo're. Thank you for that, and because of that, may we have fad amay. We live accort Jesus name WTHANK, you again forjoining us I'll, look forwar to seeing you to a.

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