Read Your Bible Devotional
Read Your Bible Devotional

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Read Your Bible Devotional with Pastor Brad Reynolds.

Hello and welcome to Regour Bibledivesional with Pastor Brad Reynolds. We are reading through the Bible in ayear. This daily devotional will help keep your heart ind mind. Ind God'sWord: Use Your phone to download and listen to Paser Brad Reynold's audiocodcast. You can find an RSS feelinkd on our website. WWW D dewberry baptist clarkessbridgecom, magnificent Tou, toverwords, voted in movie man in theIron Mass One of my favorte movies, but the scene which these words came out was ascenewhere four men arn with nothing but theirsord men of hotor. The end of a cuorner at the other endof this corner was twenty something...

...soldiers armed with mustards these four men said one for all all forone and then with the courage of life they charged down this long quarter,ther swords draw muskets fir at it. The captain, the inrom Captain, seeingthese four musketeers coming out said magnificent. wellamazing, courge ther has no place for the followers of Jesus cruss time and time again, God says becourageous. Do not fear further the New Testament expresslystates. God has not given us a ster Topeve, but a power and love Hesanma.

Our lives should be characterized bymagnificent. Well, we have nothing to see. What's the worst thing, this world cando, astobratic it could kill. All that is, is the passage in the word. It's just the passageway in theha. Theworst thing they can do to me is the best thing they could have. No wonder we're tod not to seer the God of all the God of everythingthat exists. Is your protector he's my protector? Well we're indue to Ronwiychapters twosand and through twenty two today and in this Moses givesinstructions about going to war. He... instructions about atolement formurderers, that there's no conviction they can't findwho the murderer, Eis and so there's an atonement made for the murder anyway,there's various lalls given and then there's comments in rules, instructionsregarding marriage Valations, but I won e read from Beteronmi Chapter Twentyversus one through nine speaking of going to war when you go to war against your enemiesand see r horses, cheriots and an army greater than yours do not be afraid ofhim. Cause the Lordyour got, who brought youup out of Egypt will be withwhen. You are about to go into battle. The priestshall come forward and address your... He shall say here, Israel, today,you're going into battle agivst your enemies do not be afraid or fainthearted. Do not panic or be terrified for the Lorger. God is the one who goeswith to fight f you against your entants. To give you victor. The officers shall Sav to the army. HasAnyone built a new house and not yet begun to live in it? Let him go home orhe may diin bow, and someone else may begin to Livei as anyone planed a Vin and not begun toenjoy. I let him go home or he may die in battle someone else insal, as anyonebecome pledged to a wal and not yet married her. Let him go home or he maydie in Bot. Someone else Marryer, then the officer shall add. Is anyone of pray...

...or Banharter lete go home so that hisfellow soldiers will not become disheartened? Also, when the officers have finishedspeaking to the arm, they shall ppoint commanders over the text. We just rran revealssomething about fear. It's contagious. This is truly an inspiring tat.Children of Israel, abone entering the promised Lan, are told not to fear man,for God is with them and God will fight for them. God will bring them a victory. Talk about thing when you go intobattle and you see the Cherriers, the horses, the army, larger than yours, donot be aproid.

Do not fear for the word Ou. God is Wyou want totalk about that, we're walking into battle and there's giants and thearmy's bigger we're not going to feel because of d. The ITRA I foretole that God, a God they could not see, would deliver them against mightyentemits that they could se ther ta you walk in the Bat you see the army,that's coming against you, God has aid, don't dear em I'll be withyou, we haven't seen tat we're going to havefaith in a god we haven't seen to overcome this grape army. Then weHAVESO FA theevidence of things not see.

They could see they were outnovered,and yet they were called to believe by Fath. God would figt Hom Derza. It's one thing to have faith in a comfortable situation. It's one thing to have faith whenyou're sitting in a comfortable church. It's another thing to charge the inthat's larger than you are with a faith that an unseen God will find on youride, God didn't show up, they would be tete, that's bt! Charging an in fgod doesn't show Ale.We're. Do that's tfurer there, Joe? If there'sanyone who is afraid that they should...

...go whole fear is contagious. It's like a virus that Gan infect an entire group, something we should know about hirusesfrom the recent virus in our country. What do you do you quorantin? It's what you do with ther court? Don't let it affect others, keep it away, get it away from the restof the group, because beer is contagous by the way. If you ever have someone in your group,that's fearful as your ovain God set Hem Ole get away. Fear is not of Lod we're, not havin. This powerful text holds some importanttruth as we live for Jesus today.

First, like fear, courage is contagious as well. Imagine that the most courageous werethose who had seen the hand of God work before I imagine, as Israel went into bate thecaptains who hav been in the battle numerous times before would say. Oh Ya,we've got this. We've seen the hand of Gon Weve watched him. Deliveluss that courage inspired courage, crossall went an about their faite in his deliverance wasgreat and it was contagious, such as still truth. Our fake, in God, is not ablind faith. We have seen him time and...

...time again, beform inexplicable mirrors and those Abosov seen amazing things.We have incredible faith because we've seen amazing things. Such faith inspires courge and suchfaith is contagious, inspiring those who were around us evento them. Second, all courage is contagious, fear is notfrom God. Do not fear, do not fear the future. Do not fear manand do not allow those who live in fear to invect you get away from negative ungot influences, do not fear catct such therat and standcourageously before go fin.

God is Wi, he is io. He will bring you victors, hewill fight for, have fat INA and have such based on t many times he's all ready takencare of. Let me ask you, you remember a miracle that God did in your life.Maybe it was your salvation. Maybe it was a deliverance. Maybe it wassomething else. Wolt you to think about the Times. Miraculous Times gotprotected, IM and provided him have Taik Lace on those times, Biltber God we he's done it before. He'll dot... in that courge and live in it. Im Reading, for tomorrow is UNERANIchapters. Twenty three through twenty five ont want to cose us in prayer,just reminding us that is Christians. We ought to have magnificent, VA, at'sclosing for fother. We pray that our fate and ourcourage in our voor might inspire others. Swe Live without fear and such life can inspire others tolive without or a push against. Christians today the world trying to conform us the look like acrit top like the worldnthat prensere's coming down on Christians today, may we have courage and thift... Stan without fear mad that voldness, inspire OFS Lord may encourage oers for greater, ishe that is in us? He that is in the world. Thinking forthe many times you've saved Tus in protection like David would say, though, tenthousand ball on my right Si I will not feer. May We not? May We have such May. We live Jesus. Thank you so much for joining us againtoday, I'll see you tomorrow.

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