Read Your Bible Devotional
Read Your Bible Devotional

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`Read Your Bible Devotional with Pastor Brad Reynolds.

Hello and welcome to Regeur Bibledivosional with Pastor Brad Reynolds. We are reading through the Bible in ayear. This daily devotional will help keep your heart ind, mind and God'sWord: Use Your phone to download and listen to passer Bradronon a Audopotcastle. He can find a RSS feedling on or website www D do very badtist. Clarksbridgedcom have with me today. I token from myHuneymood, it's a Walmart Bat April. I spent our honeymoon at wall. No, we didn't, I know Youw're thinkingwhat in the world we didn't. I mean such as crazy, who would ever associateWalmart withany mood and yet before we as missit too quickly. Let meshare with you something that did happen...

Apron I oone of our anniversaries. I didn'thave the money to take her on a shopping where she loves the shot, love and each. So I gave her a choice wee. We could spend three days at thebeach or we can spend three days in a area. That's got a lot of shopsand let you just use the money we wuld Peng at the beach for shops. You knowwhat she chows. A shopping spring I was thinking, surely she's Goingochoose the beach 'cause. She loves he each this was before we had children.She chose a shopping spring. Now. We've got children now and maybe there'llcome a day. When we can do both, we can do a shopping spree at the beach, but you're sitting there thinking atleast those of you Wtho Know Me, and you say: Rad you don't even like toshop. This was an anniversary trip. Did... have any fun? I amass? I had AMAZ butbecause, although I don'tlike shop, it's all ove, God, God. What can I dofor you today? It's a totally different mindse. In fact, Jesus would say this come unto me Al You that Labor and are heavily all of you have got this list of thingsto do in order to be right with God. Well, I've got to read my Bible. I'vegot to pray. I've got a witness, I'v got to go t to church Jack, red, abitle check, brain CECK, witness check Wen to church CAC and it's Burne. I forgot my Bible today. Oh, mygoodness, and it's a bird Ajesus said...

...this all of you who are trying to getright with God by this little Checklis Oi'm a good little Christian out,checked Jek Jak and it's become I labor for it. It's become difficult, Ot's become hard.All you who are laboring Jesus said scome spend some time withme. I'll give you rests. You seethat's what God was teaching here tying to ten commandments withloving the Lortur God with all your Hart. So am I it's that relationship with Godwhicauses us to want to do the Tim commandts that otherwise we wouldn'twant to do then otherwise would become a burden that otherwise woull become acheckless.

Now shopping, isn't so painful, because it's not about shop, it's about being with the one. We Love Hchis, exactly what God was teachingthe children. Our good works on their own binds USenslaves us to a Labor that leads us down the pathtowards him, but a loving relationship with God is that saving path to heaven, and because of that we obay cause. We Love, we love him and it's a joy to obey.It's a joy in that relationship with him Todo what he desires es to do. What awonderful lesson! Thus we close asking this question: Do we love? Go...

Yes, pastor. I love it so then you spend time you see. I can say I love April all thetime, but if I don't spend time with Hem, it's just more like empty words. It's a relationship, and if I love you- and if I spend timewith it, then do I obey yes, because because I spend Ti what a beautifulpicture here in the passages of the old testment, reminding us, the ten command, the obedience to God'swere, is tied to a relationship, a loving relationship. We Love The Lord, our God, with all ourheart, so strength in mine. What a won wonderful passage! Well, ourreading for tomorrow is due to rotoming...

...chapters, seven through nine, as weremaking our way through this last book of the Pentantu. The last book writtenby Moses, but I want e, closes in prayer today fother. We thank you againfor these wonderful lessons. What you're teaching us or thank you that all of these lawls and regulationsand scripture they're tied to loving you thet? If we don't love you and have arelationship with you, it's just a bird, it's just labor, it's just worse, but when we have that relationship with becomes anjoy not because of the commands because of you ecause we're spending time. Thank you for this truth. May We everexperience in Jesus Name Eman. They...

...keep Jining Ustoday.

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