Read Your Bible Devotional
Read Your Bible Devotional

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`Read Your Bible Devotional with Pastor Brad Reynolds.

Hello and welcome to Regour Bibledivosional with Pastor Brad Reynolds. We are reading through the Bible in ayear. This daily devotional will help keep your heart ind, mind and God'sWord: Use Your phone to download and listen to Paster Rad Reynolds Audiopotcan. You can find a RSS feelink on our website. Wwwd dewbery baptist CLARKS BRINGE DOTCOM. Does God have Stockhole Syndra? That's an interesting question. Is it before answering that question was kindof walkd through what Tockcolm Syndrome is it's a psychological condition wherebyhostages develop or have positive feelingssentiments care for their counters during hostive situations, ostages maydevelop some emotional attachment to...

...the chapters because of the high emotions and Intimane said. Perhaps they see a human side to theircapturs, whatever the case stock StockholSyndrol is an almost irrational defense of those who capture hostages by thecaupties themselves. Now back to the question whether God has Stockholm, no Saizy Wick answer, however, e can state that much like those withTockhom Sindro, God returns the pain and the herds...

...that others give to him. Loving sentiments and care. While you- and I an God through our sin,infinelity and action, God returned such hostility with love, something we're going to see in ourteste. We now start into the book of Duteron. Another book Duneral to Noho flaw thesecond giving of the law, another boot written by Moses Rom. Fourteen hundred me see about the time when Israel werewas to embarkable walking into the PROMIS. NEUERONOMY can be divided up into threesections: the first ection chapters, one three four deals with God's fats:...

It opens with Israel voice to enterinto the promised land, but a new generation needed instructions from God, thus a second giving othe law. This newgeneration needed to you so Moses reminded e people of God'spromises to Abraam and Israel fat fat failure at Kinescarnea, then Moses,recounted Goch at faithfulness during the Wilderness. Wanderings and Israelsets. Finally in chapters one hree, fourMoses issues, a call for the people to obey. The Second Section is chapter five.Through Chapter Twenty Six frse fifteen begins with God's Present Commandments.

Moses was now ready to state God's wall,the psychitop he began with moral Oll and then repeated tincommandments,which had been given forty years earler Mount Sid idon summed up. Israel required anobligation to God and the Great Shima Jesus called this great commandment,the greatest commandment of all hero, Israel, the Lord, our God. TheLord is one Lov, the Mordodo. All your are all your so and Al Youre straigt these commandments. I give you todayand there to be upon your hearts. Moses also continued to remind thepeople of the need to utterly destroy the wicked Cananites in the land, sothey would not cause Israel to see Israel would be God's instrument.

Ob judgment, forse, the final sectionchapters: Twenty Six virst fifteen through chapter thirty four deal with God's probhetic promises people needed to ratify the govenantand agree to be bound by its terms and enjoys privileges in vint. The peopledeclared their agreement to God by saying an man you ever been in a church and eartSomand, say Aman. It just means let it be so so when Mosus gave this, the peoplesaid, let it be so. Aman Moses gave is farewell when she toldthe people about God, told him the Fol Josh Bor, witness to their vow AnanyBLESSD. The reading for today was Zudaronmeschepters one throgh three, but I on a focus on chapter two versus one.Through seven,...

...then we turned back and set out towardthe Wilderness along therout to the Red Sea and the Lord had directed for along time. We made our way around the hill countrys her end. The Lord said to me: You made yourway around this ild country long enough now, turn no'r give the people these orders. You areabout to pass the territory of your relatives, the descendants of Esel livein fear. They will be afraid of you, but be very careful. Do not provokethem to war, or I will not give you any of their land, not even enough to putyour foot. I have given e saw the heel countrin here, as he is own you're, to bathe them in silver for thefood you eat and the water oudual, the Lord, your God has wlessed you and allthe work of your hands. He have watched over your journ through this willnessthese forning years.

Lord, your God, has been weak. You NotLagh that interesting about to go onto the promise. Lan God says these forty years as you he didn't sa this, but scripturetells us these forty years as you've, remailed mot, God pursued thaults Gods, cry now against Yod, God has provided for you and you haveLa tduring, the Wanderings General Israel always complain and CPLAN and complainreveil and see...

...they chose to not enter the blessing ofthe promised land. They reviewed to Obay God, and yet his mercy was Unat atime when his children revewsed to believe him refused to experience him here on Er.He was still merciful and Gracious. He was still with them to the boy thatthey likt nothing daily. God continued to provide forthem. God continued to protect him when they ran after the gods of this world.He disciplined them, but he still provide for you still protected when their sin kept them from thePromised Land. God took care of them...

...anyway. What an amazing o! You know it's his nature to be gracious and MERC, ort of WHO, God is to be merciful and Gracious. He can notdo otherwise, and yet it is still the laze and in the midst of Myun fators miss o I pursuing other gods. God remains fate, God promides God pretends the God would be gracious to us. Even after we have remailed is trulyamazing. Grace the God would be Mercen after we refuse to love.

We truly Sir Anamazn is mercy, an grace or beyond our comprehange. No wonder the title of the Himn, thewords of such temazing grace, swthe, Soderwhen, you've beeninfaithful, I've been unfathful, God has been Grish Lazy, grace praised Beunder God, what an amazingGod, what amazing oneor Fu less in the stor of the VOC of Duteron. We make our way through this secondgiving of the law are reading. For tomorrow we do ronely's chemter fourchapters: Four throughsix.

I encourge you to continue all throughthis, but let me pray for us af we gose today, father. We come to you right now, Tenamen Jesus and thank you that we're now in the book of Dutoronomi makingour way through Yur Yore, not pray in Jesus name, as we doso. Aswe read chapter four through sixtomorrow. That you'll continue to speak to our thank you for this amazing text today areminder with the children of Israel for forty years as they complain andRevell and sin every day you provide hefor every day you took care of reminder of what you do for us. AmazingWastan makes such granks push. Our harts live evermore. Fr...

Jesus namewethank you for joining ustoday. I'll look for to see.

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