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Read Your Bible Devotional

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Read Your Bible Devotional with Pastor Brad Reynolds.

Hello and welcome to Regour Bibledivosional with Pastor Brad Reynolds. We are reading through the Bible in ayear. This daily devotional will help keep your heart ind mind. Ind God'sWord: Use Your phone to download and listen to passer, Brad Renal, an audiocodcast. You can find a RSS feelink on or website www DT, dewberry, badis, clarks bridgedocom love, hurts loherks, Lotstars, love wounds andmarks nineteen. Seventy five Nazareth banrecorded this all love hers, and it's all that many of us are familiar with and yet more of us or familiar with the pain associatedwith love. However, the pain of unconditional love is not a pain for ourselves. It's apain for the other person. It's a pain for what they may be goingthrough. Unconditional love is not, as concernedabout star Cross love, as it is about tough, loving someone and doing what is right, even if that hurts Y, even if doing what's right for thembrings them temporary Pai. In this line, and when that happens, it hurts us that theyre, but we know it's still right: it'sthe pain of the parent, justputting a chop. It's a pain of a friend,...

...saying no to a scean attic in Waltd,it's the pain of Tafla. Ultimately, we see such in our loving heavenly fatherwho, even in the Old Testament prescribed diship out of love, something we find even in text whichdeal with capital punishent, making our way through the book ofnumbers and kind of ringing it to a clothe, Ren numbers, thirty, four,thirty, five and thirty CETS, where they would settle Canan. We givetestimony of the towns given to the LEEBIKES and the cities of refuge, no one to read out of numbers chapterthirty, five versus sixteen and followed. If anyone strikes someone a fatal glowwith an iron object, that person is a murderer and is to beput to teath Orif. Anyone is holding a stone andstrike someone o l Fata blow with it. That person is a murder and is to beput to death or if anyone is holding a, would notand strike someone of Pantal blow with that person is a murder and is to beput to bed. The Avenger of blood shall put themurder to death when the adventer comes upon the murderer. The Avenger shallput the murder to death if anyone with malice, a forchougshoves another or throl something at them intentionally so that they die or if out of emity. One person hitsanother with their pits so that the other dies that person is to be put todeath.

For that person is t e murderer the Avenger of what shall put theMarter to death when they meet, but if, without in Thetea, someonesuddenly pushes another or throw something at them unintentionally or without seeing them drops on them aston heavy enough to kill them and they die then, since that other person was notan enemy and no arm was intended, the Assembly must judge between theacuse and the Avenger of blood. According to these regulations, theseemwe must protect the one accusedof murder from the avenger of blood and send the accused back to the city ofrefuge to which they fled. The accuser must stay there until the death of thehigh priest, who was anointed with the Oldy Ord. But if the accuser ever goesoutside the limits of the city of refuge, to which they flid the avengerof blood, finds them outside the city, the avenger of blood may kill theaccused without being guilty of murder. The accuse must stay in the city ofrefuge, till the death of the high priest. Only after the depth of thehigh priest may they return to their own problem. It's an interesting passage here dealtwith capital punishment. The Avenger of blood would be a kinsmanto the one who was murdered and so and ancient Israel. When someonewas murdered, it was the family's responsibility to avenge. There was, and so there would a point and a Vingurof blood and at one that member of the... would then pursue the murdererto put that murder to death at Sacon by the government of Isral. But in that same government that wasset up, there were cities of renge where, if one through a rock and an itsomeone andkilled Hem, but it wasn't intentional one could go to a city of revege. Now the Avenger from the family would obviously bepursuing this one. When the leaders of the city of refugewould hear the case, they could decide whether this person was guilty ofmurder or not. If he or she was guilty of murder, theywould turn hem over to the Avenger F blood who would killi. But if it wasn't Murderif it wasmanslaw. If it was accident, then they were still to be in prisoned. He could go back to their family, thecouldn't go back to their own, they had to stay in the city of refege and they stayed in the city of RepugeUNTI. The high priest Wult up that might be yer. It might be. Tenyears might be twenty yers, but they had to stay there. Inprison. If you will in this city ofrecuge, if they ever left before the Hig kriest die, the Avenger Qa couldkillit that was ancient Israel's way of keepingmanslaughters in prison having time for families to heal fromthe death and loss that one... Christians. We don't have theprivilage to rewrite scripture, even when we may want to do so. Nor are we allowed to pretend than sometext do not exist. We're making our way through the Bible and we've Gome up on some difficulttests dealing with capital punishment and in many ways we may want to avoid such taks. We don't have that Pritage yeither. Weaccept all scripture or we eccept nohing, so we accept it all and we trust hegoddess teaching something thrue Such we deal with this text today. Today,tax deals with capital punishment prescribe by God. So how do we approach? Well? First, we recognize that God providedaway for those who murder to be killed by society, pentually the government of Israel, but those who accidentally kill ar in prison without them. The text deals with punishment fortaking another's life, either intentionally or accidental. If on accident, then one was to bebanished to a city of refrege for their own safey, but if om purpose, the scripture does teach capitalhusheither way. There's this for the person who r the Old Testament it seems that thereare at least three purposes or God's...

...punishment. Number one is remeting. Godwants tecenters to change, ther ways: God will dicipline his child for themto learn and change their ways. INTOR medium number, two reason God brings aboutpunishment- is as a deterrent. God wants to deter others from doing so. When I do something wrong, God willpunish me and it'll be an example for others not to do what Ido know. It's adeterrent keep others from doing so, and final for justice, God wost punish the Centrfor doing evil because it deserves push, and it's just by the way. Those are three purposesthat parents should remember as well. We punish our children seein because itdeserves punishment. We punish to deter our children fromtransgressing again and we punish to bring him out repentance. Moreover, you and I should never punish out ofdanger, it's not to say that we shouldn't getangry at times, but rather that we should punish out of anger, always punish out of Lowat. I'm angry.I simply just walk away. I have to come back later to puish, but I don't wantto ever punish out of a so that when I do firmly punish mychildren, I can say, and they can know,...

I love. I do this, because I love andevery time. I've punishd Mu Chil for doing something. That's wrong. Iwill tell I want you to associate San with thet. That's why I'm push? I don't want you to ever. Do this again want e to ter you from doing. I want you to have a heart for God thatrepents and I want you to know you deserve. But I love that's. Why I'm doing this so that you won't do it again and youwon't get hurt 'cause, I love then I'll, punish it and then I'll hug. They don't feel like hugging me a lotof times, but I do it so that they'll associate, I punish with love well in this text on God's prescription forcapital punishment, it may seem irot that the god of liht encourages thetaking of death through capital punishment, but it should be kept in my that the removal of a murderer fromsociety protects lie. Verterthe public killing of a murdererdeters others from doing the same in reality. God is protecting on because to God that one life that wasintentionally taken precious, your lifeis precious smiling, isprecious. God reveals himself as our...

...heavenly fate. Don't forget that God doesn't reveal himself, as ourheavenly grandfather reveals itself is our heavenly fatherand as such, his love has seen in his discipline of us, but also as in the text today in hislaw to protect life. I may feel there are times when no oneis concerned about my lie for problems, but God is that God created some walls to protectthis lihe to protect your life those times when you think no one knows,or no one cares. God does he created the Law on the Old Testament to protectyour marrig life, how precious it is to go. The one who forms US cares. The gibberof life is infinitely concerned with our armes he's so concerned. He hasdeclared that anyone who would murder me or anyone who would murder youshould have their lives taken from them. Further more to the P essence of theCorporat subscripture Jesus die because he cares. Forhe loves me somuch. He paid my death bilt the next time. I have a pity party andthink no one cares. I should repent for the one who made Al there is cares for me more than I could ever imagine andloves me beyond comprehengeon to God I am precious. I am his child. Love DoesUrt,... hurt God to love, it hurt God Omeofhem. What an amazing SA, what an amazing text reminder, eventhrough capital punishment, how precious your life is, how precious mylife is and how Jesus died, the death penalty, because he loves us so much love hurts it's remindher to us thatunconditional love does hurt, and God unconditionalan Los on one of a way doin. The book ofnumber well o Reading For tomorrow is duearonmy chapters one through three. Before we close, I want to pray. Let'sPrayfather, we come to you again today, thanking you for your amazing or or whowould have known that through capital punishment. We would have seen how much you love.

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