Read Your Bible Devotional
Read Your Bible Devotional

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Read Your Bible Devotional with Pastor Brad Reynolds.

Hello and welcome to Regour Bibledivosional with Pastor Brad Reynolds. We are reading through the Bible in ayear. This daily devotional will help keep your heart ind, mind and God'sWord: Use Your phone to download and listen to Paser radrernold's audiopotcost. He can find an RSS feelink on our website. WWWD dewberry baptist clarks bridgedotcom. You ever been on a seasawl. Many of us ave been ONA seesaw. If youhave it, try to find a part that has a sea soand go and experience ispecially fine when you're little H, we add them on playgrounds,milelementary school and we played on them. We learn quicklythat the key to enjoying the seasawl his nalece.

If you got on the seasawl- and it wasunbalanced, it was not too enjoyable and so of youknow what I'm speaking about you know what's true about ut see so is also true about mine. The key to enjoying a seasawl iscreating that balance. Ky to enjoying life is balance as well. Our reading, for today is numbersthirty one through thirty three. In this couple of chapters we see the defeatingof the MEDIONITES. We see the Trans, Jordan, tribes, Gad and Reuben, butwe're going to focus specifically on numbers, chapter thirty, three versusfifty and fifty three. I want to read that for you. I want you to think aboutbalance in lie. As we read this on the plans of Moab by the Jordanacross from Jerico. The Lord said to...

Moses, speak to the Israelides and sayto them when you cross the Jordan into Canon, drive out all the inhabitants ofthe land, destroying all their carved images andtheir cast ous and amolish all their highplace, take possention of the land and settlein it or I have given you tho land to possess. God made it clear to his children thatthe promised man will either be possessed by CADENITES or by Israel to to allow the land to be possessed byboth canonites and Israelites. Wuld destroy the Israelies di... live with. Paens is to become, and that's what God was trying to teachhis children. What is true of the land, this Druw my lives, be careful with whom you associat again. Today we are seeing God teachinghis children to avoid bad company. Something wee spoken about Bepore,something we've seen in scripture before something will see in scripturetime and time again proverbs deals with it. All deals with, God is sending a message to to hischildren, be career with whom you associate, because surely bar companycorrupts good morals, God says it over and over and over again.

So why was God teaching the children ofIsrael this again 'cause? They had learned ye much like you and I we don't wearn these lessons. GODWILLteach 'em to us over and over again aletsome. We must truly learn and applyto our lives and our children's lives. Adtheir,grandchildren's, wone and our great grandchildren's like if your good Christian friends keep dipting. You then get away from. I don't care what they claim. I don't care how many times they go inchurch each month, if they're, good, Christian friends butthey're tippting, get away from their hearts may be pure, but suchtemptation will devastate and destroy... and I yeah. I cul obviously hear the youngChristians say: wellbut Jesus was a friend to sinners. Yes, he was so. How do we balence being a friend of sinners with that company corrupts good morals?Where do we find that a there appears to be a misunderstandingof scripture by man, many young and Wale, meaning ministers argue for closerelationships with Dobles who would pull them down? Why? Because Jesus wasa friend to sinners? Yes, we admit Red Jesus was a friend of sinners, but he'spit most of this time with Peter James...

Andjothree men who wove Yoway Jehovah Got Three men who would pursueGod who would follow God and then, after that, he spent the nextmost of his time with the other nine desids. In other words, even though he was afriend of senters, those that he spent Friday night with and Saturdaynights with, were those who, loved God or those who were focussed on Awhotrusted God and pursued God. Yes, we should befriend all, but our colsestfriends should challenge US become more like rose, and if ourcoltsis friends are tempting us to become more like the world rather thanchallenging us to become more like...

...crise than we're out of balance. Balance is to have our postess friendschallenging us to be like rice, but being friends with others being friends with sinners but beingchallenged to become more oucrist by ourpulses friends too many times. I'vewatched it well, meaning Christians become pes friends with bad company in order to help theirfriends get better or after I'm a ministering to them to fixthem and by the way I've seen that in datingrelationships, also where young ladies will bag someonewho's not challenging her to follow Christ, and she dates them to Pix the or youngMein. The same way.

Well, she's got a good heart, I'mtrying to help Er. I call it missionary day so far on every occasion where I'veseen a strong Christian have a very close friendship with one. That's not so strong. There has been a change, but it's never been on the one. That'snot strong. Every time I've seen this occur, thestrong Qhristian has come dhown. Was it the Christian hat? Wasn't so strongthat came up? It was a strong Christian that came don, thus confirming Paul'swords. Bad Company corrupts good Mois after they're, not bad coupe.

If they're tempting you do not fallacross, then the Thatt matter, how good they're hardes,don't matter how many times they attend, Suarch they're corrupting us, God knew that with Israel he knew thecananites would corrupt them and he said you've got to removal and Israeldid cane and ice corrupted Israljust, asGod knew they, but even so, as we apply this to ourfriends, we alt Applyn into our lives as well. In order for God to have all of us, we must reremove the sin. That's in ourlives. We must remove the evil, so God can possess. Oh of our, in... the areas of our lives we refuse togive to God which are always waging war with God. There's a big difference in being closeto the promise land almost getting in there and being in the promisin. There's a big difference in being closeto trustid God entrusting the key toliving. The Christian line is to keep God's word as balanced, asGod gave and trusting him through. If you get God's word out of balance, it's going to her going to have some bruises on your bod.Just like you do, if you got to see so o o...

...a Greek lesson, not only from the seasoltat from the pages of scripture, keeping our life as balanced asscripture teaches keeping scripture balance and notgetting it out. Ofo. Well, I'm Reading For tomorrow is numbers chapter thirty,four through thirty six, but I want to pray for you before we go not that we thank you again for thiswonderful lesson of live through the pages of scritce Lorgyou taught the children of Israel that they culd be in the land with theCananites, because the CADA nites would end updestroying unlessen. We must apply in our liveswith our friends. They accompany corrupts good Morals d.We need to keep that in balance of your word.

Have our postess friends be those whochallenge Jus to follow, but it's also a reminder in ourpersonal lives. The areas that we don't yield to. You are at war, the AREAIS that orieted tolord. Wecan't allow those errs to grow. We've got to in JES's name copriil er, lest they overtake our lives. Lord May that be true for myself andall of us that in Jesus name, conorose areas that are not somitted tomepray this, your goring. Well, thank you again for joining ustoday. I will see you tomorrow.

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