Read Your Bible Devotional
Read Your Bible Devotional

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Read Your Bible Devotional with Pastor Brad Reynolds.

Hello and welcome to Regour Bibledivosional with Pastor Brad Reynolds. We are reading through the Bible in ayear. This daily devotional will help keep your heart ind mind. Ind God'sWord: Use Your phone to download and listen to Paser Badernald's audioponnest. You can find an RSS feedlink on our website. WWW do dewberry baptist Clarke, bridgedocom. I have with me a SWORCO, it's actuallyin IPO. Some of us are own enough to remember atime before orfilld. These Marcos, though, have literallychanged our live. These pocket size devices have thecapacipat capacity to do what banks couter reladexes, calculators,televisions, computers, tipe, latders,...

...fones, pager, crived for openors, lihtswitches, credtcard companies, Western Union Atari, VHS players, newspapers,meriodicals, cupon, fliers, pactises and cycobedias dictionaries,tecniporters, CD players, beddy Crocker, coodbooks, and so much more once didfor us. They really are amazing devices. This line year jump an technology beganwith organizational helph. The Smar Film Revolution began with thesoaring of contacts and appointments on electronic calendar before this revolution begain many ofus use DN and paper for daily weekly and monthly remiders. Some of you are too young to recallsuch but others remember t,...

Oh us, whether we utilize them to theFullestastan or not know the value of daily reminders. They helplesspriortise. Our Tie, Wel umize them to get things done,which are important while allowing me urgent other Borta things toled. Would it surprise you to know that God gave the Israelites daily reminderof their briarties got ifol IFHE certainly did that and itstill provides a great example for us. Even to this day we were in numberschapter fifteen, through seventeen and in those chapters we see ofperings ot,the itralits we give to God. We see that Chora rebellion regard open up.The Earth is Wel of those of evermail...

...and we see ere and dry and botting ofear and Dra and got signifyed his choosing O her, but I'm rading for Oday,if want to be out numbers chapter: Fifteen Bersus, eighteen through twentyone and numbers Eighteener, twenty nine they meet that form speak to the itraelites and say to himwhen you enter the lamb to which I am taking you and eat the food of the LANBPresen. A portiun as an offering to the lar bring in a load from the first of yourGrand Mel and presented as an awkring from the trectionthroughout. Thegenerations ocome yarn ye this over toer from the purse of your round and then jeopratingirs Wina. He mustpresent as the Lord's portion the best and holist part of everything givento.

There are two basic principles down inthese verses. The first God deserves our best Jaffraegerson no Presen as Lord's portion. The best andHoli part of everything given to you. God deserves our det he's go. Hedeserves her bast. Well. I certainly could' comment all that, there's reallyno commentar necessary. God deserves Ar Bes God ad Calld, the Iveroom, to giveup their mass as a hemaring to the Lord. In fact, we see the concept of firstroots in these verses. T thirst roots referred to what God called theIsraeates Torrender unto him. You refer to the first day of caust AlThis Day after a season of planting...

...tending and CULTIVATID whateveronecantered on that day was to be given to the Lor. Imagine, after a full season of Wor, now, first day of Hars, can you imagineapple pine, fresh from theas or Green Bens, corn straight from thedoor? Imagine the temptation to personally enjoy the first of the Hars, the God didn't permit such it was. Heis Al n Aead of this Birt Day, which was tecpically a large in Gaveran, LongTogo, W one ot the storm roomed tat night, whatHav been destroyid all that was left after that first Gete, why Woul, God,the first and Best of the Harnest, the trust back? Do you trust if you give him everything you gethertoday, an its such a greak bountiful,...

...beautiful, harness devas whan, the sord comes up WCO't. take care of US anyway. Do Itrust, got to Bri right now, IFI, don't get any more tomorrow, I'mgoing to trust you I'll give it to you anway the best.First, it was a matter of a number one. God was worthy with number two. Do wetrust the idea? Was God you're reater to methan anything you deserve my bess. I give mine all to you and I will trustyou Toberi. First proat for Kanlike a tie. The ten percent is just given to God,Sayg God, everything I own is hears and has a testimony of that. I give thisten percent. If you won't warn Ou Lenming Oup, I give it it's yours.

I trust you he's wearn all we h. The second precpil, however, waschapter fifteen versus eighteen through thwenty one, it's the principle ofremembering and focusing on God. The otdy of the first roof was carriedinto th, simple labors of life. When the ladies prepared the food for theday that warning preparation, they wourdn't take part of that every day and offered up to the first of the dough for that breadprepared. For that day, the first of the go was to go tuts as the food is prepared. Theyoffered a portion to God which no ony Wy. Why wuld nod ask us to waste this God? Doesn't he ar God? This is yours?Hwi Got Asuch,... wasn't wasted nouber one because Godcould multiply it, just as he did with the fish and the loves, but this was tobe an important reminder. Every dayanonly laws D, even in the sinpless of dame chores,the Israelites were to think of God and to be Greak, serves as remindher even to lastodaytha in the simple chores of life, weas co and they go. I encourage there's be time you before you take that Firstbim won her. You Stop Siga, I wa her to Sederalmior.

Maybe the reminder is just sitting downto EAD, but at EFOR meal. I want to ask youjust to stop just as the Hebrew ladies would have inthe old test before they prepared that bread for the DAC God. This is yours. Iwint t ask you to stop before you eat Amal and ever I'll. Ask you just to say God. Thankyou for I or not years. All I. If you do that, that you remi got toldthe Ifo lit to have such remier you and I neen to have such aswell. I want topray for you, but before I gray, I win encourage you to read numbers jepers.Eighteen though twenty that Wen our meeting for tomorrow, but this pint...

...ather. We come to you today and wethank you for the higner alway Mack in numbers of daily reminders. We need got thereso much that goes Ong during the day. From the moment we get up to the momentwe go to bed. Our days are consumed with so many activities and things todo that. We need times to saw and thin to stop and think about you and Lord. What a wonderful reminderfrom the Old Testament Tan Heris time to do. That is before we etteer time. We sit downto me right before we put something in Heur mouth made me stop and say: Bordrthank Itothinkabotwhat else to do jes. Thank you for joining ustoda.

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