Read Your Bible Devotional
Read Your Bible Devotional

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Read Your Bible Devotional with Pastor Brad Reynolds.

Hello and welcome to read Your Bible devotional with Pastor Brad Reynolds. We are reading through the Bible in a year. This daily devotional will help keep your heart in mind and God's word. Use your phone to download and listen to Pastor Brad Reynolds Audio podcast. You can find a RSS feed link on our website, www dot do bery baptist Clark's Bridgecom. What a Masauce, same as fables. Is a fable about the dog and the dog gets this very scrumptious bone from town and he's hitting home and as he's on his way home he comes to a creek and he's crossing a bridge of the creek and he looks down and he sees another dog and the Greek with a bone looks bigger than his bone and the dog wanning the bone. That's the other dog.

Gad He drops his scruptuous bone and goes down into the creek to grab the other bone. A poem. When his face hits the water, the dog obviously realizes it was his reflection. He dropped what he had to get something. That it ness such as the case we're not grateful for what we have. We want something else. We desire something more. Instead of being grateful for what we have, we complain wanting more, such the Israelites did. We're continuing our study through the book of numbers and Numbers Chapter Eleven and twelve, with our reading for it today, and we see quail from Heaven Opposition to Moses. But I'm going to read numbers, Chapter Eleven, verse eighteen.

Is We see this sad story of discontentment the lives of the children of Israel. Tell the people, consecrate yourselves and preparation for tomorrow. You will eat me. The Lord heard you when you wail. Only we had meet to eat. We were better off in Egypt. Now the Lord will give you me and you will eat it. In Numbers, chapters eleven and twelve, discontentment flows through the camp of Israel like a flooding river sweeping across as its ways of destruction pressed into the lives of the inhabitants, rinking havn throughout the entire archy. In these chapters, we see the children of Israel discontent about the lack of meat to eat. Chapter Eleven, versus for and five,...

...even though they have been eating angel food, Mada from heaven. Further Moses is discontent about the children of Israel be discontent Chapter Eleven, verses eleven through fourteen. And finally, Aaron and Miriam are discontent with their positions of leadership and they won't Moses's position of leadership. Chapter twelve, versus one two. In the midst of all this complaint, in the midst of this discontentment, God calls on the children of Israel to sanctify themselves. That's all I here's all this discontentment flowing through the lives of the children of Israel, flowing through the camp of the children of Israel, and God says, I don't want y'all to sanctify yourselves. They are discontent and he calls on them to sanctify themselves. What, what type of instruction is this? Make no mistake,...

God was also letting them see the culmination of their discontentment, as he gave them meat until they were sick of it. But the sactify was a reminder. One need only remember Israel's history to understand God's actions here. God was calling on them to remember to who they belong, remember who's they were. The first time they sanctified themselves was that the pass over back in Egypt, when God said to them your mind and I'm going to pass over, but as a testimony that your mind, you'll kill the lamp, you'll sprinkle its blood over the entrance of your homes. Your mind therefore sanctify yourselves.

That was when God called them to sanctify themselves, a reminder that they were God's, that they had been bought with the price. This reminder of to whom they belong was an impetus. They needed to recall the blessings God had given him, the recollection of their salvation, of God's goodness, of God's blessings. That's the best them to stop the flood of discontentment. If they would stop and recall God's goodness, they would realize they had no reasons to be discontent. It's they would be stopped and count their many blessings. It...

...would surprise him what God had done. You see what God was doing here? Who say, listen, you're discontent, so I want you to sanctify yourselves. Who Sanctify? Oh yeah, that's what we did when we became God's, when the Passover occur, when there was this clear delineation between us and others. We belong to him and he saved us through that and he's blessed us through that and he's provided for us. And what God was doing was he was bringing to mind whose they were and how he had been faithful to take care of him. You and I are also tempted to become discontent. We are tempted to look at what someone else has. Were tempted to want something else. We're tempted to desire something else, and God is teaching..., even today, be content. I've provided you with salvation, I've saved you, I've taken care of you, I continue to take care of you. A reminder of what God had done. When we become discontent, it would do us well to remember our salvation as well, to remember how much God loves us, the thinking that we don't get what we deserve. In doing so, we take our thoughts off what we don't have and suddenly we enjoy an accurate perspective of an undeserved salvation, a loving God who died for us, and then eternity that was given to us by grace. God hates complaining, he hates discontinued because in so doing we usually question God.

Have you been good? To us. A fresh look at our salvation reminds us of God's goodness. I'm not going to draw up the eternal wone of glory for a Mirage which only appears to be what I desire. What's praising today? First, salvation, of which we are still in all. Let's take our eyes off what we desire, get, do not possess, and place our eyes on what we possess, which is more desirable than anything else. The God of life, the God of freedom, the God of all. What a great message, encouraging us to be content with what God has given us, encouraging us. Count your many blessings, name then, one by one, and it will surprised what the Lord has done. Can I...

...encourage you today? There's anything that you won't but don't have. Would you just stop? You count your blessings, just write them down, start banging them. All of a sudden, instead of being discontent, will be content, will be braising God. It'll surprise us what all God's done. What a great God we serve, and, by way, he's all we need. What our reading for tomorrow is numbers, chapter, thirteen and fourteen. I won't encourage you in that, but we spray together before we close today. Father, thank you for this amazing reminder, both for asofs fable, but, more importantly, from your word, reminder not to be discontent, to be content with what we have. Because of discontent, when a lot...

...of times we lose what we have, we chase after things that never satisfied. We want more possessions, more pleasures, more power, and when we get them, we're so unsatisfied because they can't satisfy. As you can, Lord Jesus, thank you for saving us, thank you for protecting us, for providing for us, for allowing us to enjoy life with you. May We never take it for granted. More even as the Israelites, as you taught them, to stop, sanctify yourselves, remember when we become discontent, may we do the same thing. May We stop we kill our blessings, may we remember our salation and then, so doing, become content with the only thing that matters you. We bring this in, Jesus, thank you...

...again for joining us today.

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