Read Your Bible Devotional
Read Your Bible Devotional

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Read Your Bible Devotional with Pastor Brad Reynolds.

Hello and welcome to Reger Bibledivesional with Pastor Brad Reynolds. We are reading through the Bible in ayear. This daily devotional will help keep your heart and mind. Ind God'sWord: Use Your phone to download and listen to paster Brad Reynold's audiopodcasting. You can find a rss fee link on our website, www dot, dewberry baptist ClarksbridgeDcomif, you ere, to make a daily trip of Sa Twenty five miles, so you had totravel twenty five miles to and from work, and I gave you the option. Okay,would you like to use a vehicle, or do you want to use roller scates wl? What would you say? Baster? Are younuts? We want to use a of course, but what if I asked thatsame question to someone who had never even seen a car? What if I asked that question to aperson whoall they ever used was roller. Skates then knew what it was the wall. Theyknew what it was, the roderscan. They had no glue about some car. They said:okay, I'll, tell you what I want roller skates. Why? Because I know what rollerskates can do. I don't know what this Gar can do, so I old rollerskates after you and I got up off the floorfrom hilarious disbelieve. We would obviously say: There's nocomparison, you know rollers scates, you don't knowcars, but I'm telling you. I know both and there's no comparison. It's a lesson that Moses would learn when he askd God, God I know about the Gods in egynt.

Are you better than you? I know how powerful they are. Can youcompete with him and, of course, God after he gets F upoff the heavenly floor from laughing? I is o Moses. You know very very well.We find our way into exodus today, where in exodischapters one through floors were reading through the Bible, T's kindtobring us up to day where we are we're reading through the Biblechronologically, and so what that means is we're going to, as events occur,address those events, no matter where they are in scripture, and so we wentthrough genisis because chronological an those against oo place. First, thecreation of the world that was first, and so we went through that. We endidgeneses, with Joseph kind of second in charge in Egypt underfabral at the time, and then we took an excursis into Joe.Why? Because the events of Genesis would have occurred, allh way up toround from the beginning to around eighteen hundred MC, and then the events of Joe would haveoccurred around twenty two twenty three twenty one hundred BC somewhere n there,and so we moved from exodus. I mean from Genesis to Jo now we're comingback to exodus, and these events were going to take place somewhere aroundfourteen undred BC and so from the time of the end of Genesis. Until Exi isfour hundred years. A path no lot had been heard from God orwritten about during these four Hundred Years Between Joseph and Moses. That'swhere we find ourselves today and of course, accidents was written by Moses,as Genesis was under the inspiration of...

God, but we're going to be especiallyan exodus chapter, three versus ten throe fourteen. This is where Mosessaid that burning Bush experience of God burst in therefore come now. I willsend you to Favril so that you may bring my people the sons of Israel outof Egypt and Mosa said to God who Ame I and I should go to Fabile, and I shouldbring the sons of Israel out of Egypt and they said. Certainly I will be withyou, and this shall be the sign to you that it is I who have sent you when you brought the people out ofEgypt. You shall worship God on this mountain, then Moza said to God. BeholdI'm going to the sons of Israel and I will say to them the God of YourFathers Hat said to me: They'l say: What's his name, what shall I say tothem? God said I am who I am tell them ther. Thus you shall say to the sons ofIsrael. The I M has sent me to you in Egypt. We see this in chapter one, the current Faro which in Egypt thedynasties had changed. In fact, this is probably a whole new people, groop thatwas in control of Egypt. Then the ones that ren control in eighteen hundredand so Joseph and the Israelites were in favor, and then we have a new dynasty that had defeatedthe old dotis Te Ol New People Group let's come in, and so the Jews who were in Egypt noware in bondage to this new favorite, tough, this new group of people and theold one they were together. They were honored, they were respected, they coexisted live alongside eachother, but this new one know we don't know Joseph. We don't know Abraam Isaac, youjuseyou'll, be our servants, you'll, be...

...our slaves. We conquerd the other. Egyptians were now in charge,you will be our slaves and the current Faril had actually issued a deathwarrant for all Jewish mabies exthis water too. Thus Moses had adeath war on him even before his birth, but his mom placed him in a flowingwooden mox, referred to as an art cybilizing, both Moses Deliverance andthe use of Moses to deliver God's children, ironically, and miraculously Faril'sdaughter, finds Moses in Thi. floaling box brings Yim into Faro's palace andraises him as her own Varo is a grandfather Camoza smeltis,as of Prance in agynt, further Moses old mother is asked tocoe nurse him and she's actually paid to nurse her own child because theydon't know it's her job. What amazing prividence by God, by the time we gethere to exhus chapter three, it evidet that God's been pursuing Moses for arelationship. He speaks to Moses from a Bush which ison fire. Now Moses had been raised as the princof Egypt, Hehad Seein, some ofhis fellow Jews persecuted. He ended up killing an Egyptian for beating one ofthe Jews, and so now he's fled out away from Eja for safety and he's out watching the herds flocks. He sees the Bush.That's on fire get not consumed, so he says. Let me go looking out God'spursuing toses. He tells Mols, as he wants to useMoldus to change the world by leading the Israel, its out of j out of Egypt and by making a great nation out of theJews using Moses...

Moses as his doubts both about hisability and this guy who's. Speaking to you. Thus he has two questions. The first is what most of us would askwhen we come to realize that God might want to use us to change the world. Okay, God you want to use us to changethe world. Who Am? I Mse, said that question Moses had a speech Inpedeet, you know, oftentimes Ie wished. I had abetter voice. I wished I had more Adrian Roger's tipe voice and I don't maybe you oftentimes have looked atothers and thought man. I wish I had what they had. I don't have those talents, I don'thave those abilities, I just don't have that and then God shows up and all ofour weaknesses. They said you know what I want to use you God not not me, God. I could see you using so, and so Icould see you using so and so, but God I don't have a lot of talents andabilities. Who Am I in addition, Moses, had a difficultpast. He was a murderer. Not only did he have a speech impedment,but he had sends at plady from his pass. Maybe you and I have the same as well. Not only do we look at our weaknesses, our talents asweaknesses, but we also think about our failures. I say God, how can you use me? I don't have towels I've got to pass ashorrible God. I can see you using so, and so I mean he's amazing. I can see youusing so and so she's, just so gifty...

God. I can't see you using me, that'swhat Mosis was, in other words, Moses, recognized hisweaknesses and he's plagued by is past films. You and I are also plagued by ourpastbelures and we wonder, could God use us just asMoses wonder we understand why Mosas Soudd, weunderstand why Mosa said God yo sure whoam. I God's answer to Moses which, by thewayis the same answerhing would give to Ui. Yes, mother, said Than't matter who you antback as you're reading there an answer to three you'll, see God ever addressesit. God does it say, will Moses, you know, let me kind of Walkon through allyour strength, no granting Moses you're, not a good speaker, but you Nike. U ispretty good and granted mows us you've got ta pass, that's pretty bad, but youknow you've got a future. That's really, God doesn't want Mos us through Moses'squallies en gives that to it he says. Ok, you got a point Moses you're, not very gifted! You don't have a lot of talents. You dohave that, never even addresses it. It just keptsover. In fact his answer to Moses. Basically, was it doesn't matter who you are all it matters as who love you? I can amuse t e murder. I can usesomeone who can't speak. I can ouse somewhere with no gifts. I can use somemore wit, no talents. I can use someone with the pass you're use to change. The world is notdependent upon your talents or your past. It's only dependent upon me what powerful message:...

Don't men, our past or our mistakes orour inabilities ar I insecurities ever lead us to question. If God can use us, don't ever blesbing got by saying he can't use you, no God can do anything and he's greatat using that which the world seesis nothing to do great things. So moze says: Okay, I'll brant, that to you, I guess it's not a Peabl Ma to get uponyou. So who are you O, shall I say Setney. I know the Gods of Egypt. I was raisedwith the Gods of Egypt. I know how powerful they are. I know the Gods ofpleasure. I know the Gods of possessions, I know the Gods of power.I know the Gods of popularity. God can you compare to the pleasures of thisWorld God? Can you compare to the popularity of men? God? Can you compareto the possessions of this World God? Can you compare to the powers in thisworld? Sone is asking Hoare Hou. I know these other guys who,or you and God's answer is revealing. I am- I am everything I am. If I am existence, nothing existsoutside of me: Youre very existence, your varyability to even speak back tome. Right now is Tho. tennupon me I mife itself. Everything depends on me. Whatever you can. Think of. That isamazing is dependent upon God.

Yes, how foolish to ask if God cancompare with the pleasures of this world, if God could compare with thepossessions of this world, if God could compare with the popularity of thisworld, how booish he is existence everything this world has a offer, isdependentable? Listen, God wants to use you and me change ourworld, and it doesn't matter that we don'thave a lot of Guiss. It doesn't matter what our past is. Allthat matters is who he is, and he can do it because he is everyday. What a powerful mess I hope you've enjoyed. That we'llcontinue our study through ECIDENC. I wanask you to read exoters chapter fivethrough set as we prepare for tomorrow. Let me close e Sooprayer fother. Thankyou for this Amazing Amazing Onei remind Er that you want to use everyone watching this right. Now Change therd Lord, a lot of those watching likemyself. We look at our talents and abilitiesand confess we don't have much. We look at others who are far moretalented and gifted and Egod what about the oand you remind us today. Your use of us is not dependent uponour abilities. What a quite wer father, you also remind us that you'reuse of us is not depended upon our past eier. Many of US Havein Passin, we'reMASHAMED anwe. Think, Oh, my goodness.

Look at how many times we fail, yet you say your use of us is not depended at Ome.Not! I pray these words into the lives ofthose liswhatever. Their past is they'll know today, with a certaintyfrom God's worthat. You want to use them to change the world and ther pasthis go and you can use then the change of theworld, because it's not dependent of home our past or Arme. So e depended upon you, the great Godthat can do eanyything through anyone. Lord May. We never forget that whetever, you call Usti Isjesus Nthank, you again, Fojoinin usand I'll see you againt.

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