Read Your Bible Devotional
Read Your Bible Devotional

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Read Your Bible Devotional with Pastor Brad Reynolds.

Hello and welcome to Reger Bibledivesional with Pastor Brad Reynolds. We are reading through the Bible in ayear. This daily devotional will help keep your heart and mind. Ind God'sWord: Use Your phone to download and listen to paster Brad Reynold's cardiocodcast. You can find a RS peed link on our website, www DT, dewberry, baptist Clarksbridge,dot, comgot, a phone call and someone from the Church Tat Pastor. I wasoutside last night and I was admiring that beautiful Brihesin. What you mean you were outside last night,admiring the beautiful bright side I'm kidding, I I really didn't get thatconversation or that phone call, but what if I had if I had, I wouldprobably say no what whald schedule You for some counseling?...

What because you can't see thatbeautiful, bright sun at night, but you might be able to see the sun atnight with eyes of reason, not physical eyes, but eyes of reason. You might be of a reason. You know whatthe Sun hasn't moved. The Earth is rotating and thus the sunis still where it bloods earlier. In the day, our sign has more to do with us movingthan the sun coming up or down. In other words, through reason, one couldcome to the conclusion that the sun is always visible. If that which hindersour side is removed, side is at times more clear when we seewith something other than our physical eyes,... too job would see the defeat of theone who had requested to torture job. He would see the tethief of the wickedone with eyes of a R reading for the days Joe Chapter,Twenty five through twent y seven, and I want to focus especially on JoeTwenty six or twelve b Joe Twenty five through twenty sevenjob is interacting with one of his briands again bill ad and, of course,is friands are arguing for a work salvation and job is arguing no forsalvation by fate, but he's struggling with how God could let this happen toit. But we find a very interesting verse inJoe Twenty Six vers twelve B by his wisdom. Speaking of God, by hisWisdom, he cut gray hal in pieces. This must cause cogitive consternation.

You mean Rayham, God cut rayhab andpieces. What is this referring? Is it referringto a people. Group is referring to a person. After some study into this verse, Iwould say no Tomer, both in fact in the Hebrew, the Ray Hav in this passage,jis pronounced Rahaa. It felt totally different from the RayHab and Joshua Chapter two, which is pronounced recab, so to what is this in reference to what'sjoab speaking of in reading this passage salm. Eightynine Birstin and I say a fifty one, verse Night Rayab appears to be some sort of enemyof God, which gind destroys and as AF fifty one, this rayhaw or...

Rahav is acquainted with a dragon, and here it's equated with a fleeingserpent, Joe Twenty Six furst, thirteen, the very niverse in songs and Isai, the references backto the accidents. So, as you read Saum eighty nine nd, I sa fifty one, you seethis righave Rahav, which is like a dragon and appears to be in reverenceto Farel, but such could not be the case here. This was hundreds of years before theexes. This couldn't be a reference to favro. It appears hat the Raha here, of whichJoe is speaking, is the enemy of God, whose centuries later was sediciously,deceived and embolding. The wicked favil, who is this enemy,...

...he's the Dragon, the serpent the evil. One of this is Satan himself and yet joe says by his Wisdo, God cut rayhal Raha in pieces, and yet the serventse he's cuttingpieces and yefly good news, Satan and evil have been defeated. However, it's not fully realized. His defeat began when he revelledagainst God. At that moment, Satan was cast out ofHeavin and forfeited life, but that would only be realized later. Whatever occurred, when safe wasexpelled from his service to God, he was cut in pieces.

His Kingdom of evil was defeated. Themoment he remailed, however, within time and history. Ultimately, thisdefeat would occur at the cross and even then it won't be realized until the entimes. I once heard that Satan is like a beamwith Alicetinia heard about a man driving down the road.His boy was in the back and UH theyd the windows down justdriving an joying, the breeze and joing. The air and bee flew in Little Boyi's,an Daddy Daddy. There's a big father reached back there with his hand, andhe grabbed the bee and he threw it out the window and it went out the frontwindow and went CRI back Hinthe thack window boys, the Dat daddythere's a dig againand daddy turned around and he said son, it's okay, I've got, I sink,...

...can't Ting! That's what sasees a be without us.Thin he's just buzzing round buggy. He can't stay any more Jesus removedthat there on the cross. However, it is interesting, a old whowrote this tax job job wrote. This passage, the child of God, who, more than anyother person in the Bible, Sayng Jesus Christ, the son of God himself, experiencing onslide of Satan. Any job walked with go and because of that he had a cross hair Onhi from Satanhimself riding him up and by the way, if you walk with doe you'll, haveacross hair on you as well. A man who lost his children lost hisriches lost his hell. The man whose...

...wife and friends turned against him a man whom Satan was personally allowedto dor hi, and yet in the midst of this Tornet. Inthe midst of these struggles in the midst of these trials by faith, hewrites that the one who is terrorizing him SA is defeat wow. What incredible amazing faith that is Faithof Jol, oh, that you and I would have suchfaith- that in the midst of our terrors, in the midst of our trials, in themidst of the band that incurs in ourlives, we might declare Satan has been defeated. As Hasas Hass are seet they've beendefeated, cut in pieces enderfully.

We truly are victors in the midst oftrials. I hope you believe it. I hope you know that you know that you know because of what Jesus has done in yourlife. Satan's Interfe, your sands have beendefeated, evil's been defeatedand. I want you to claim that today by faith,no matter what you're going through by faith, Youravitra you're a Goild God, becauseGod said to what amazing Fath by Jo and what a lesson well we'll continue ourdaily studies tomorrow, Wi'Llbe and Joe Chapters, twenty eight through thirtyone. I encourage you to go ahead and read ahead as we're making our waythrough the libel, Joe Twenty eight through thirty one I'll see you backtomorrowd El. Let me pray with you before we go father. Thank you so muchfor that amazing faith to Joa Lord. It truly is amazing to see... incredible faith. Twenty two hundredyears before Jesus ever walked the face ofthe earth. Job had faith in his media job had faith that you would stroanpoeesjesus.

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