Read Your Bible Devotional
Read Your Bible Devotional

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Read Your Bible Devotional with Pastor Brad Reynolds.

Hello and welcome to Regor Bibledivosional with Pastor Brad Reynolds. We are reading through the Bible in ayear. This daily devotional will help keep your heart ind, mind and God'sword user found to download and listen to Casta Brad Reynold's audiopodkas. Hecan find a RSS feedling on our website. WWW dot, dewberry baptist ClarksbridgeDOTCOMONLIG. No, but have you ever backed a lorence boat ortrailer of Archstrainer, even a moving truck into a very tight space? Those who havenit, if you ever do, Iwould suggest t e Guy The one I can stand near the back ofthe trailer and help you know when to stop those of you who have you know thetruth of which I speak and you're familiar with the words I just said, OMa...

Words Yu lie by guides, as we arebacking up triver. Why do I recommend such cause withlarge boats or trailers, both the death perception and sight, or a hindreretding on the length and the Heife of the trailer? In other words, we havewindspot added difficulty in perception, semstru life lesson which would help us to live life utlize in true friend. We can help keep us from accident accidents which otherwise might occuras a result of our linds tought. In perception, onlythe foolish soons he or she has no lines, don't be a fool, a lesson...

...that Joe is going to address here, we're in Joe Chapter Twenty One andtwenty fouv job is still addressing his friends and one of his friends elephizand Jov Ere. Carrying on a conversation I'm going to read out of versus onethrough seven O job chapter. Twenty two NTHEN Elephaz thetimani responded. Cana vigorous man be of use to God? Were a live man be useful to himself? Is there any pleasure to the Almightyif you are righteous o profit to God? If you make your waysperfect, is it because of your reverence that hereproves you that he enters into judgment against?You is not your wickedness great and youriniquities with Alie. We have taken ledges of your brotherswithout calls and strippen me in naked. I is weary. You have given no water todrink and from the hunger you have with... bread jobe's words as he answered his threefriends continued to play. Elebam jove's, making sense and elphias isgetting jobes comments about God, not beingmanipulated by man's actions. Ringtro Elephaz is recognizing Huh when, if nod is God who are we to manipulate him by our actions, our works, how can ourwords Manipulatean all knowing all powerful God that undercuts a work salvation? The idea that we can't manipulate God to bless us byour words, undercut El Work Salvation...

...and undercuts elephhas his entire lifeand his belief syssm, apparently elephas conceives. The point:Did you see it? First son? Can a vigorous man be of use to God or a wise man be useful to himself? Is there any pleasure to the Almighty?If you are righteous, an the flowes is Wi okay, jobe you're, making sense. Ican see the point our words they don't bring. Anything toGod he's not manipulated by our being good. Nevertheless, El, as still heldon to the idea, there is something bad happens and oers punishing et there innerse. Mor Is it because of your reverence that heposes you. rerspy is not your wickedness Grat andyour iniquities without Yi. This implies, at God brings judgment inthis life on all who are evil.

I would say: That's not what we see. I would argue. We don't see in thislife that the evil are cursed by God in this one. Yet that's exactly what Elephan is arge,however, to a firm God doesn't necessarily bless us in this life forbeing good, but et does curse us in this life for being bad seems.CONTRADITRAL elephats concedes the point to Jobe Oky,maybe God doesn't Blessus in this life for being good. That makes sense. Wecan't manipulate God by our good deeds for him to somehow lessus. Nevertheless, God curses the evil andyet to do one Ornot, the other seems contradictory. You know that's whathappens when we don't have a qlear picture of nod. Wev begond doubleminded in some ways: we affirm what God s anotherways. We reject that's, what's...

...going on here with elevant. This contradiction is evidenc thatelephazis world view and somewhat disjunted Nyet elephauns Dosn't is a bline SPO. You know when I've visited with peoplewho may not have accepted crisis, Warnn Savr Ye may not affirm. Tscriptureteaches one one part: they argue truce, Fer, critr, andthen out of that same mouth. Theyseem to contradict o and they never see. That's. What's going on here, Eliphas has a blind SPO as well withhis accusation of Joe. He accuses Joe of not helping theafflicted versus five through seven and...

...not showing compassion to the breed jove. You don't show compassion tothose who are hurting exactly without ads S. doing the jokehe's refusing to show compassion to Jo whoas hurting another biy spot Hehe sees jove, doing something andhe's doing the same thing while he' at lest he thinks he sees Joe doirsomething and he's doing the same thing. He islacking compassion. Have you ever seen someone accuse others of doing exactlywhat they're doing? Of course, we had we've all sit. Infact we have the idiom, that's the pot calling the kettle boy. That's what's going on here. We all have linds and the wise amongst us.

We recognize that Isay, something to Yo, very honesty. You probably up more than one, which means since its obliges Po. Youdon't know what it is you're, not even aware of that's the whole definition of uploines. That's what was going on with Elevazir.He had one as we are driving down the ROADOF line, it's good to have a compan someone who will we help us with ourwife as we're going down the road of life?It's good. Have Someone Sai a sock, Whoa, stop so war to say: Wo, Mat, Ma someone who will guide us with ourwine. Who is that person for you?...

Who is that person who challenges youto purity rather than Tende the person who can speak truth intoEurope? If you have such a person in your liferight now, I et Mak Truth: Inli whund, you stop just for a moment an say God, Mao God. Thank you for just thank God. You need, if you don't have such a person in yourlife. When you stop right now and saying O,would you get watd? I'm hoping OI help lie. I need someone to hell. God would yougive me so you can help in this path of lie as Istopped Nowoll, that direction were to say the moment Keno here she makes the travel through somuch S.

...let me encourage don't be a hell, Obat ind someoneoel. I hope you're enjoyingthese studies we're going to continue. I'm going to ask you Red Joe Twentyfive through twenty seven as we prepare for our next lesson. Let me close us inprayor today, ether again. We thank you for what you're doing in our line.Thank you as we're. Reading, through the Bible and learning souls es,andtwasto, continuecees e Toge, fojoi.

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