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Read Your Bible Devotional

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Hello and welcome to read Your Bible devotional with Pastor Brad Reynolds. We are reading through the Bible in a year. This daily devotional will help keep your heart in mind and God's word. Use your phone to download and listen to Pastor Brad Reynolds Audio podcast. You can find a RSS feedlink on our website, www dot do very baptist, clarksbridgecom Gucci, snatched, chatter, Estor, Brad, have you lost your mind? If you're of a generation of mine or Oder, what I just said makes no sense. Some of this younger generation, they understand those words differently. Chatter, for example, if I say chattered you and I think of this, this is Cheddar, Jeez.

But chadd apparently means money, like what hell? I can't compute. How did we make that? But they understand, they get it. They'll text it to each other and then all of a sudden I remember, Huh, I was like that at one time. I remember my granddad asking me, boy, what do you think about your Dallas cowbalist? I I said, Granddad, they're too legit to quit. He looked at me, he said what, that's a well, they're too legit to quit. He said, son, I don't know what you said. That's a all, Granddad, that's just the same. It means they're so good that they're going to win at all. And he said, well, why didn't you just say that then, boy, and I thought I'd just couldn't help but laugh.

He's got a point, but as we think about it, there is a communication gap between generations. There are times as my children are growing up, and they're saying things and I'm not catching it, not understanding it, and I wish I had a mediator. I wish I had someone who was a teenager and a middle aged man, someone who could hear both conversations and translate them both. It's a wonderful illustration of what job was looking for. He was looking for a mediator between he and God, someone that could take job's circumstances trials and communicate him, in job's words, in a way to God so that God could understand, and someone who could take God's perspective on things and communicate it to Joe, a mediator that could go between the two.

What an incredible truth job arrives at. We're in job chapters eight through ten. We're going to be specifically in Chapter Nine, Verses Twenty one through thirty five, and I'm going to read that. But as I read that, keep in mind as job's going through this trial, as he's interacting back and forth between his friends, as heaven silent, he's longing for a mediate or someone who could go and present his case to God and presents God's case to him, someone who could go back and forth. And we see it in this sense. I am guiltless, I do not take notice of myself, I despise my life. It is all one. Therefore, I say he destroys the guiltless and the wicked. If the scourge kills, suddenly he mocks the despair of the innocent. The Earth is given into the hand of the wicked. He covers the face of its judges. Then is not he?...

Then? Who is it? Now? My days are swifter than a runner. They flee away, they see no good, they slip by like read boats, like an eagle that's woods on its prey. Though, I say I will forget my complaint, I will leave off my set said countenance and be cheerer. I'm afraid of all my pains. I know that you would not acquit me. I am account of wicked. Why, then, I should I toil in vain, if I should wash myself with snow and cleanse my hands with lie? Yet you would plunge me into the pit and my own clothes would afford me, for he is not a man as I am, that I may answer him, that we may go to court together. There is no umpire between us. Who May lay his hand upon God and me us both. Let him remove his rod from me, and let not...

...dread of him terrify me. Then I would speak. Cannot fear you, but I'm not like that in myself. Job understands he's not God and God's not a man. So he longs for an umpire, a mediator, one who can look at both sides and communicate back and forth. In Job's trial, his faith is becoming personal. Before his trial he loved God and worship God, but he didn't know God to the degree that he would come to knowing through this trial. This trial prepares Joe for the relational experience he will have with God in Chapter Thirty Eight and follow. This trial is pushing job to consider who God is, that perhaps God is bigger than job ever realized...

...before. He may have known it with his head, but he would come to know him with his heart. How can a good, all powerful God allow good people to suffer and bad people to thrive? Does being obedient to God not overshadow any minor sins that we might commit? Am I not more good then I am evil? And if so, shouldn't God bless me more then curse me? Before this trial, job had God in a box, having figured out if I'm more good than I am evil, then God has bound to bless me more than curse me. He's bound to bless me, based the poem that and that also will play into this relationship he has with God. If we obey God, then God has bound to bless physically,...

...materially and in every way. No, he's not. If we obey God, God is bound to bless in the ways that he sees fit to bless. We will read what we see, but it doesn't mean that will reap it physically, materially or in that realm. It may be something greater, like a spiritual relationship with God that nothing in this world can ever compared to. Well, this trial is shaken. Joe And who job thought God was and is his thought process. Job confesses he's a sinner. He recognizes I can't go to trial with God. He's God. I'm a sinner. He confesses he's a good person who hasn't participated in sins which would bring about these...

...trials. And, by the way, he's correct. Job Sins did not bring about these trials. His trials or not the direct result of any sin which he had committed. But job's words further evidence his love for God and his desire for reconciliation. This is job struggle. Job Struggle is I want to be close to God again. He pitches a temper tension to do it. It's what's hurting him. He thinks he's become the enemy of God. He wants to be close to God again, like he had felt before. He doesn't realize it, but he's actually growing closer then he knew, and this trial would take even closer. And so job has this love for God and he has a desire for reconciliation and he wrongly assumes he becomes God's enemy.

That's why he wants to just visit with God. God, I just want to talk, but I know I can't an normal sinner. I know your God. I want to visit. Let's get to the bottom of this, but I can't. He wants an audience with God, he wants to appear before God and state his case. But God is perfect, and job recognizes if he is ever to be reconciled with God, he needs a mediator. He needs someone who is human and God, one who can convey to God man's frailty on behalf of man, but one who can stand before God, is righteous like God. Perhaps he even desires one who can speak to job on God's behalf, one who can communicate God to job, one who...

...can come from a headband to Earth. What an amazing insight. Joe, before the Old Testament was written, long before the New Testament was written, Joe Twenty three, Twee, twenty two, hundred BC job without any of the law, his coming to recognize if I'm going to have a relationship with God, if I'm going to be able to visit with God, if I'm going to be able to sit down and talk to God, there's God to be a mediator, because he's God and I'm man. There has to be someone who's a God man. What incredible inside pointing to that one that he would have a relationship with a pre incarnate Jesus Christ. Praise God for the God man, Jesus, whom job knew was necessary if we were ever to... with God. Do you know, you and I can't be with God except through Jesus. That's the only way for God to become a man. What incredible truth through the pages of job. Who would have thought and job, we would be talking about the birth of Jesus Christ. We are, because job recognized in order for us to go to Heaven, heaven must first come to Earth. What incredible inside. I want to encourage you, as you think about that today, just to thank God for Joe, thanking especially for Jesus Christ, has only begotten side, who left heaven to come to Earth so that you and I could be in heaven forever. We look forward to that Glorious Day. We all our study for tomorrow. We job chapter eleven through thirteen. So we're making our way through the book of Joe.

Let me pray for you before we go today. Father, again we thank you for these incredible truths that you're teaching us, of all places, through the book of Job. It's not just a book about trials and why bad things happen to good people. It's a book about you. It's a book about who you are. It's about recognizing our sinfulness in your godliness. It's about understanding that the only way we can have a relationship with you it is for you to first come down to earth and make such possible through your son, Jesus Christ. Thank you for that, thank you for that relationship where we can do exactly what Joe wanted to do. When we are doing like a joke. Just thank you, Jesus, for making it names Christ, name we amen. Thank you for being with us today.

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