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Read Your Bible Devotional

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Hello and welcome to read Your Bibledivesional with Pastor Brad Reynolds. We are reading through the Bible in ayear. This daily devotional will help keep your heart and mind. In God's word,use your phone to download and listen to as ter Brad Reynold's audio podcast.You can find an RSS feeding on our website. WWT dewberry, baptist ClarksBridgecom. Welcome back, I hope, you're enjoyingour study through scripture and today we're going to be in genesis. ChapterTwenty Five. Our Reading for the day was genesus twenty three through twentysix, as many of you know, and some of you may not know- I'm from Texas- Ilove Texas. I love the heritage there in Texas and th Texans were proud oftheir heritage, and so I collect coins. I collect currency, andso I decided I would one day want to...

...get some of the Old Republic of Texascurrency. I don't know if you can see in way, but this is a fifty dollar Beo from the Republic ofTexas, ands olnd currency. I remember one time I was on the Internetsearching for some currency and I came across a Texas currency that I thoughtwell, that's good, and the prize was like a hundred dollars. Nowhere elsehad I found a price like that. In fact, the CHIEP, as ihad found for that typeof currency before in that shape, was around two hundred and fifty dollars soimmediately awardered it and sent it off and got something in the mail andin bottom print on the website. As I went back to look at it later and said,no returns and I got this currency in the mail andI couldt want to open it up and I opened it up and I took it out and thenI noticed the words replic up.

I thought Lok in the world. I paid ahundred dollars for something that I could get for ten dollars. So went backon the website and in small brint at the very bottom. It said these arereplicates. I had been sking. Have you ever been scaled ever justtaken advantage of we're going to see that in the text today I had been scamed I'd,given up so much for so low, and yet that's exactly Du that it's exactlywhat we do. Every time we see him, we give up so much for so little Esaw did that he gave up so much for so little. Ourreading is in Genesis, Chapter Twenty five versus twenty nine through thirtyfour I'm going to read that, for you... genes is three twenty three throughtwenty sex. It walks us through Sara's death, Abram and Sarah Been Marring and Isaac had been born and Jacob andIsau had been bore to Isaac But genesus twenty three. We see Sarah's death. Wesee Isaac, Mary Rebecca, and now we see in Jensis twenty five he'son Jacob Verse. Twenty nine of Chapter Twentyfive when Jacob had cookd to Esau, came in from the field and he was famished and he Sau said to Jacob. Please let mehave a swallow of that red stuff there, for I have vanished therfor. His name was called Edel, but Jacob said first sell me, yourbirthright Esaul said Bo. I 'm about to die so ofwhat use then is my birthright to me and Jacob said first swear to me, so hesaw swore to him and sold his birth...

...right to Jacob. Then Jacob gave Esalbread and Lentol Stew, not red beefy ste that he saw thought he was going toget and he ate and drank and rose and wenthis way, thus esaul despised his birthright. In this passage we see two lostindividuals, Jacob and Esaw. Neither one had come toa place where they had put their faith in trust in the God of theirgrandfather Abraham, but one of the individuals recognizesthe importance of being blessed by God, even though he was wost Jacobrecognized the importance of being blessed by God. The other despises, theblessings of God. Esaul was lustful and impetuous. He despised the blessings of God and hedesired the pleasures of this world...

...more than the blessings of Guy Jacob was deceitful and conniving, andwe'll see that, as we read the stories of Jacob throughout scripture here, butat least he recognized the importance of having God's blessing on its life. Sadly, he would try to gain theblessing of God through deceit and manipulation with his own father. Wi'llsee that in our coming lessons, but he would soon realize throughbrokenness that one doesn't receive the blessings of God through deceit formanipulation. It's interesting. I believes Christianstell to day strive to gain the blessings of God. Man's way, ministers seek to build theirministries through prideful self promotion. Christian businessmen andwomen strive to succeed through...

...deceiving their customers. Christian fly for the greater good theymanipulate for the cause of Christ. Such deception and manipulation can notbe blessed by God. Our Great God cannot blest see in evenif our intentions are good, God cannot bless them. I'll say that again, evenif our intentions are good, God cannot bless Im. He may choose at times to bless. Inspite of our sin, but he never blesses because of it. However, he always always bless thesonbe omedience. In the text. The love Pelial is tempted to give up somethingof great worth his birthright that which entitled him to a doubleportion of the father's possession. He would tempted to give up somethingof great worth for a moment of pleasure.

Granted. He was deceived into thinking.He would receive red beefy stew. Instead, he got lentals to, but even the metie Te is no match forhis birthright. Certainly the CENTALS. The lentils were not, but is it that the way of temptationand Sen Sen promises so much temptationpromises so much? Oh, you enjoy this so much if you'll just give into this, and it gives us so very little. We'realways left wanting always left with an emptiness in sight. It never satisfiesind promises, satisfaction, but it delivers death. There is never satisfaction, justemptiness, and this incident is by the...

...way, reminiscent of Adam an I when they thought they were going to beable to get so much by eating of that fruit. From the tree of the knowledgeof good and evening, and instead they got death, that's whatseen does eve gave Adam and he ate Jacob gaveEsel and he athed- Oh foolish man, oh foolish, Adam, oh foolish, Esol, O folish me, Oh funwish, you when we give in to Seein and yen. It is not just the emptinessthat sin brings, which is highlighted in the text. It is also what was given up. It's not just that sin brings emptinessand death, but we actually exchange the blessings of God, something of greatworth for something of no value.

We give up the blessings of God for emptiness in a real way. This wasn't the greatest scale in a realway. Sin Is the greatest scal. It promises so much and delivers. Nothing. May I remember this text the next timeI'm tempted to trade, the blessings of God for the emptynescenc en it's neverworth it. I hope you remember this as well. WhenIM READING FOR TOMORROWWILL BE GENESIS, Chapter Twenty seven through twentynine, but before we go, I want to pray again for you to day father. I ask in Jesus name Th. Twowould just continue to grow our hearts and teach us through your work. Thankyou as we go through this book of...

Genesis. Not only are we learning aboutthe lives of these great patriarchs who live for you and some who did not onlywe learning about their lives but we're also weaning bout growing in our relationship. We ask you to continue the best. Anesus lavthank you Ahain for joining us today are raiting for tomorrow: GenesisTweanty, seven through twenty nine.

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